At WWDC, Hideo Kojima said Death Stranding will be coming to Mac this year.

Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday spotlighted video games with new game modes and special guests.

Making a surprise appearance at Monday’s event was famed developer Hideo Kojima. He has expressed his appreciation for Mac computers and revealed that his game, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, will be released for Mac later this year. Kojima also said that his studio is working on future titles that will come to Apple’s platform.

Game Mode is a feature present in MacOS 14 Sonoma, the company’s latest operating system for desktops and MacBooks. The new mode prioritizes CPU and GPU cycles while gaming to provide a smoother experience and more consistent frame rates. Additionally, by doubling the Bluetooth sampling rate, controller and speaker latencies are lowered, reducing input and audio lag. There will also be a new toolkit for developers to easily port their games to the Mac.

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WWDC is Apple’s annual event to showcase new software including iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS. The company also introduced its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro.

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