Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart sunglasses are 30% off today

In case you weren’t aware, you can get polarized sunglasses with built-in Alexa, offering a hands-free Alexa voice assistant wherever you go. They’re a great alternative to the Alexa Echo Buds for people who want to keep their ears clear to appear more socially available. But best of all, they’re on sale now at Amazon for 30% off their usual $270 price. While this deal lasts, you can grab a pair for just $190, bringing your total savings to $80. So go ahead and hit the button below to find yours on Amazon now.

Why you should buy the Amazon Echo Frames 2

If you are just now discovering that this product exists, there is almost certainly a red alarm bell ringing in your brain. And whether you want to admit it or not, that alarm screams one thing: “Geek Glasses!” And they are just… does not? Indeed, when we first took a look at the non-polarized form in our Echo Frames 2 review, one of our criticisms was how ordinary they looked. These are glasses that everyone can wear and feel normal. They also work well as sunglasses with UV400 protection, blue light filtering and at least some (IPX4) water and sweat resistance.

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But what about the technology behind the glasses? In one respect, they do exactly what you’d expect by allowing you to connect with Alexa and listen to your favorite Audible books and the news with just a few words. What you might not expect is how the Echo Frames 2 can also connect with Google Assistant and Siri. The next issue you might be concerned about is sound. Amazon understands this and has a pretty neat solution for you. Even if they don’t go in your ears, the Echo Frames 2 use adaptive volume adjustments to maximize your ability to hear what’s going on while minimizing the chances of others eavesdropping. When you go from a quiet room to a noisy area, the volume increases at a commiserate level, and the same is true vice versa. It makes the whole experience relatively hassle-free.

If you want to grab your pair of Polarized Echo Frames 2 for 30%, we recommend you do it now. This deal, which brings the glasses down from $270 to $190, may not last beyond the weekend. That’s $80 in savings you could potentially miss out on, so go ahead and hit the button below to start selecting your favorite frame and lens combination:

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