53 cute natural hairstyles to recreate in 2023

When switching to natural hairstyles for the first time, it is common to feel completely lost. Besides knowing what kind of products work on thick, frizzy hair, you might not know how to style it. For some of us, years of straightening our hair into oblivion has led us to believe that natural hair is too much work.

But after trial and error, and a plot of YouTube videos, we have finally discovered the versatility of natural black hair. Our hair is magic, and it can seriously do anything. Whether you’re new to natural, looking for quick and easy styles (e.g. a cute knot or twist) for work, or like to get super creative with your hair, like in protective styles like braids in a box or the braids in a bob. there is no shortage of natural hairstyles you can try. From updos and goddess braids to locs and short afro hairstyles, there are endless styles to wear while embracing natural curls. Accessories, colored extensions and unique shaves accentuate the beauty of natural hair.

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Maintenance can come down to using the right product for the type of curls your hair has, protecting it from moisture-wicking fabrics, and giving your hair the natural care it deserves with the best curly hair products. . When you’re ready to focus on growing hair, check out some protective styles. Keep your satin bonnet or scarf handy to protect your new style at night and browse some inspiring natural hairstyles for black women below.

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