4 staff members leave Indianapolis area school where child ate vomit

The Brownsburg Community School Corp. board approved the actions Monday night for Brown Elementary School staff.

They are among five staff members the Hendricks County Prosecutor’s Office has charged with negligence or failure to report negligence after the February incident. The fifth, a behavior technician, works for an outside agency and cannot be disciplined by the school district.

A sixth staff member who is not facing charges but who the school district said also did not report the incident, also submitted a letter of resignation. That letter was not received in time for action to be taken during Monday’s meeting and will be discussed at a board meeting in June.

A teacher and an instructional assistant at the school were charged with negligence. They, as well as a second teacher, a second aide, and the behavior technician were charged with failing to report the incident.

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The boy ate some of the vomit and then used paper towels to clean up what was left, police said.

Brownsburg Community School Corp. said it learned of the incident on April 12 and has removed the five staff members accused of contact with the students.

Superintendent Jim Snapp said in a statement at the time: “We are deeply saddened by the actions of these staff members and will work in conjunction with our local law enforcement as they move forward with potential criminal charges.”

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