34 Best Amazon Sex Toys, According to Some Very Enthusiastic Reviewers

The ‘Zon is many things: a gigantic retailer, a streaming platform and perhaps the most underrated adult toy store of all time. Amazon’s best sex toys can go hand-in-hand with those from any luxury sex toy merchandiser, with the added bonus of arriving quickly (and discreetly) at your doorstep. There’s no better way to stock up on the best vibrators, glass dildos and butt plugs.

Free two-day shipping on most devices is a plus, sure, but retailer convenience isn’t its only draw. If you’re ready to expand your sexual horizons—those kinks and fetishes won’t explore themselves, after all—Amazon is stocked with everything you’ll need (plus rave reviews to back them up). It might be time to try some new things, like a fun sex toy for couples or a sex corner; maybe you’re on the market for the first time and need a reliable personal lubricant and vibrator for beginners (the one from Womanizer is an all-time bestseller for a reason). You might also be looking for something a little more advanced, like nipple stimulators or remote control vibrators. Fortunately, everything is on Amazon.

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In fact, the retailer has so many toys up for grabs that picking one can seem overwhelming for even the most seasoned shopper. But that’s where we come in: we’ve combed through every inch of Amazon to select our favorite picks, many of which have been tested by ourselves and all of which have received rave reviews. If you need help deciding what will work for you (and your partners), here are Amazon’s best sex toys and their rave reviews.

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